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5 Ways to Use the Lansera Platform to Boost ROI

Virtual events platforms have gained popularity over the years. Undoubtedly, online gatherings of people have changed the ways of communication, engagement, and organizing events. In addition, it brings many undeniable benefits such as; reduced costs, time efficiency, global recognition, increased sales, and real-time analytics. Today, virtual events seem to be one of the best ways to boost event ROI.

Although maximizing the revenue is not the only reason for corporations to move to virtual events platforms. But, it sure has offered a reason to stay on track. Virtual and hybrid events help businesses earn maximum out of the minimum investment. Also, it helps gather global audiences, educate employees, and promote the brand worldwide. So, let us explore how these virtual and hybrid events models help score increased revenue for the future. 

Host Global Virtual Events

Recently, virtual events have picked up popularity around the world. In fact, these events are becoming increasingly mainstream. But, the pandemic pushed this trend among a global business community. Thus, with the global recognition of brands, virtual events have brought home maximized business opportunities, increased revenue, and boosted ROIs.

As a result, many event managers, suppliers, and organizers turned towards hosting business meetings, product launches, and exhibitions online. Recent studies indicate that 74% of event planners prefer hosting virtual events. Well, it’s understandable as they want to increase their reach and revenue. Thus, virtual events extend ways to boost event ROI. 


Virtual events allow businesses to present themselves before a global audience. This audience base thoroughly engages with the products and services. As a result, you earn maximized revenue out of it.


Virtual events help cut costs on gatherings of thousands of people. Like, you earn maximized benefits from reduced spending. All the traveling expenses, accommodations, food, and venue come down to nothing.

Branded Event

A virtual events platform allows you to personalize the entire event space. The 3D virtual environment is fully customizable. For instance, you can add company representative avatars, logos or share personalized content. That is how a virtual event helps promote your brand and help earn increased revenue. 

Real-time Analytics

An events platform offers real-time analytical reports on the audience: 

  • Attendance
  • Booth activities
  • Exhibition attendees
  • Chat records
  • Sales tracking
  • The number of sponsors

It is evident that virtual events would pick a rise in 2022. Indeed, people now realize the worth of virtual events platforms. Also, it encourages people towards exploring ways to boost event ROIs. 

Setup Hybrid Events Culture

A hybrid event allows gathering online and physical audiences at a single event. It is the inclusion of remote audiences within the physical events. Likewise, hybrid events culture offers immersive engagement opportunities. It has become the best choice for event planners and organizers. Moreover, the b2b organizations now prefer hosting hybrid events. It helps them earn increased revenue and improve ROIs. After virtual events, it is time for hybrid events to dominate the event industry. 

Fortunately, the virtual events platform supports hybrid events culture. They help you gather attendees, exhibitors, and speakers all in one place. For instance, the platform supports live streaming of physical events to a global remote audience. 

Looking for ways to boost event ROI through hybrid events?

  • Set goals and KPIs
  • Use breakout sessions 
  • Invest in global networking
  • Run marketing campaigns 
  • Invest in sponsorship
  • Share personalized content 

The Lansera Events Platform 

Lansera presents itself as the leading virtual events platform. Over the years, we have confidently helped businesses host their global events online through our platform. Hence, be it a virtual or hybrid event, our feature-enriched platform offers a universally compatible events space for organizations worldwide. Basically, it offers a vast number of solutions for organizations such as virtual conferences, workshops, trade shows, product launch events, job fairs, open days, property shows, summits, or benefits fairs.

Moreover, the platform leverages an abundance of advanced features to provide a wholesome experience to attendees. The features include:

  • 3D virtual environment
  • Virtual exhibit halls 
  • Chat and networking 
  • Virtual booths 
  • Application integrations 
  • Event sponsorships 
  • Customization 
  • Event marketing
  • Event gamification 
  • Real-time analytics 
  • Customer support 
  • Tools to boost ROIs 
  • Audience insight 
  • Virtual venues

That’s not it. Lansera extends tons more benefits for businesses worldwide. Additionally, the platform provides everything from a landing page for registration to a detailed analytics report. In fact, we lead the way for event planners throughout their journey of virtual events.

Ways to Boost Event ROI 

Virtual and hybrid events typically aim to generate more revenue for businesses. But, to reap the greatest benefits, we must adopt some strong event ideas. Lansera helps businesses maximize the benefits they get from using its platform. Here’s a list of how event planners can get the most out of their virtual and hybrid events. 

Pre-Launch the Event

Marketing and promotional campaigns run before the event works best with spreading the word out. For instance, pre-launch the event for the global audience to notice and participate. There are multiple ways to launch the event online such as:

  • Email marketing 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Digital marketing
  • Event listings 
  • Newsletter 
  • Web pop-up ads 

The more you market the event, the more online audience you attract. As a result, you get to sell more tickets, achieve more leads and promote brands internationally. 

Determine KPIs of Events

Another important factor in achieving higher ROIs is to gauge key performance indicators(KPIs). How would you determine the KPIs? What strategies work best to increase revenue? First of all, pen down the goals you wish to accomplish. We have devised a list of indicators that help score increased revenue. 

  • Boost brand awareness through social media engagement 
  • Encourage old customers to bring new ones 
  • Offer free demonstrations and trails 
  • Run event surveys
  • Familiarize audience with products and services 
  • Track attendee engagement and interaction 
  • Follow up on ticket sales and sponsorships

Thus, considering the factors mentioned above. A virtual and hybrid event helps you earn maximized revenue. So, use events platforms, digital presence, and social media platforms to track the overall performance of your event.

Allow Virtual Sponsorships 

Considering other ways to boost event ROI includes encouraging virtual sponsorship. Get global sponsorships for the events and increase the likelihood of international recognition. That is how you earn exposure for your brand. In addition, virtual sponsorship will open doors for a business partnership that you have not experienced before. For instance, the call for sponsorship opportunities encourages small and large corporations to root for your brand. Who wouldn’t like to hunt thousands of new customer bases? 

Thus, virtual sponsorship multiplies business opportunities. Furthermore, a virtual event offers unlimited space for you to gather a global sponsorship network.

Follow-up on Event Analytics

Lansera events platform helps companies with ways to boost event ROIs by active participation within the event. Make sure you have all the reins in your hand. To begin with, keep an eye on the number of registrations you receive for the event. Then, approach those candidates and get them to bring more attendees to the event. On the other hand, get into a partnership with your event sponsors and have them promote your event. The more hype you create for the event, the more the registrations and ticket sales. 

Luckily, the Lansera events platform helps organizations track the event progress in real-time. For instance, the platform allows you to gauge: 

  • Logins
  • Booth activities
  • Attendance within halls
  • Sales at exhibit booths
  • Possible leads

Gathering event analytics help streamline best practices for your upcoming events. It gives an insight on what worked best for your event. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of all the data from your event. 

Follow Best Practices 

Do you remember that one event that went great? It brought the most hype for your brand and helped score maximum leads. In fact, it is about those specific practices you employed that worked best for your event. For instance, your email marketing campaign right before the event helped you earn the active attendee response. Just like that, virtual events are unpredictable. Although, the smart move is to keep a record of all the practices that worked best for you. 

In addition, you could follow the known and accepted best practices for the event. These practices help you win at your efforts with less room for mishaps. Here’s a list of tried-and-tested practices to follow:

  • Set realistic goals 
  • Personalize the event content 
  • Use the support of social media platform
  • Use advanced engagement tools 
  • Add live webinar and keynote speeches 
  • Give product and service demonstrations
  • Use effective event branding
  • Approach client queries with interest 
  • Be humble and welcoming 

The tips mentioned above are only a kickstart for event planners to follow. Although, there is no end to the possibilities of enhancing the event experience for audiences worldwide. However, what works best for one organization doesn’t fit well for another. Thus, determining what works best for you and following those tested practices is the key to winning increased ROIs. 

In Conclusion

The overall impact of your event is determined by the ROIs. Basically, our agenda is to help you receive positive ROI every time you host an event through virtual or hybrid events. As a matter of fact, we assist corporations in boosting brand awareness and generating leads.

Lansera proudly owns its value in helping small businesses and large enterprises promote their brands worldwide. A global clientele has earned the benefits of our endless efforts and cutting-edge software.


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