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Alumni Networking Event Ideas

Nothing brings people together more than the chance to meet their old friends. Nostalgia is a powerful motivator for people to get out of their homes. This is why many companies and educational institutions hold Alumni Events. Furthermore, these events help attendees to create networks with other professionals. Before diving into Alumni Networking Event ideas, it is important to know what an alumni networking event is.

Alumni Networking Event

An Alumni Networking Event or an Alumni Networking Job Fair is an online event that enables students and alumni to get access to recruiters. These events are carried out on a virtual platform to engage students and alumnus with recruiters to make lasting links in the corporate world. Alumni associations are a great way to start networking. Corporations hold these events on large scale platforms to give like-minded people with a shared interest a place to interact. This further helps individuals to create business contacts for future use.

Benefits of Alumni Network

These events help organizations by creating long-lasting relationships with former employees through strategic outreach. These events are a great place to make and foster networks between different corporations. Moreover, they are hubs for job opportunities for hopeful individuals as well as corporations looking for new members. The organizations hosting these events through virtual event platforms receive the biggest advantages. They can anoint brand ambassadors, bring about sales and partnership opportunities and engage with qualified referrals. Organizations provide communities and resources to former employees. While on the other hand, these companies receive a lot of brand advocacy, recruitment opportunities and overall development of the business. These events help organizations to promote their products and services.

Benefits of Alumni Network

Innovative Alumni Networking Event Ideas

These events are designed to provide a virtual environment on which alumnus stay connected, amongst themselves and the respective organizations. Providing opportunities to the constituents to forge and grow stronger relationships among themselves. This is why most companies around the world have switched to online platforms to hold events. However, with the growing innovation, companies need new ideas to make their event unique. Following are a few tips:

Host Fun Events:

The main purpose of these events is to forge connections and create business relationships. However, that does not mean that the events can’t be fun or interactive. Corporations can entertain alumnus by hosting online gaming events. Not only with this help creating relationships at a faster pace but they will also bring healthy competition into the event. This will motivate people to attend and engage more, with each other and with the corporations. Furthermore, these events build and foster team spirit and highlight the importance of teamwork. The winners of these events can be given mementos by the company.

Virtual Movie Nights:

According to the specific generation, corporations can host online movie nights on a virtual platform. When people of the same generation, get together on a single platform and watch a movie that was important for their generation, it builds strong bonds. This will encourage the alumni to forge stronger and more intimate relationships with each other and the corporation. Playing off of the emotions of the attendees, corporations can get the maximum benefits out of the event. Moreover, when these people are in a good, happy mood, they are much more likely to engage in conversations. Therefore, forming long-lasting business relationships and partnerships will be much easier.

Online Fundraising Auctions:

While planning events for older alumnus, companies can host online auctions to get their attention. All the funds gathered at the auction could be utilized either by giving it to charity or improving the campuses. Encourage alumni to talk amongst themselves and the corporation to get the maximum benefits. Not only would it be a fun activity to engage the alumni with, but it will also bring a sense of charity. Corporations can offer distinct auction items which they feel would be cherished by the alumni. Moreover, events like these provide a great platform for people to network and socialise. At the same time, they are entertained and have a great time. By using Virtual Fundraising Ideas 2021, corporations can make their charity events much more interesting.

Host Webinars with Famous Alumni as Guest Speakers:

Inviting famous alumni to speak to their fellows is another great idea that can be introduced into online alumni events. Webinars are a great way to host such events as they are very interactive. Organizing events around motivational and popular alumni would create a sense of pride in the other alums, increasing attendance and fundraising. Moreover, these speakers are great marketing tools as well as they can encourage other alums to engage with the corporation. Interesting speeches are always appealing and would be a great way to ensure that a virtual event is successful.

Host an Online Concert:

One thing that people have missed the most during the pandemic is the ability to attend concerts. If corporations can add an online concert specially for the alumnus, it would be very beneficial. The alumni would enjoy such an event and engage much freely with everyone else. Music has a way of bringing people together and forging long-lasting relationships. These relationships would further pave the way for mutually beneficial business relationships and partnerships. Moreover, all the funds generated for the event can be utilized by the corporation at its own discretion.

Speed Networking:

Organizing speed networking events is another great innovation. It gives newer graduates an opportunity to network with older alumni. The older alumni could be used to hold talks that would engage the younger alumni. Not only will this create a level of respect between all the parties involved but it will also, create lasting bonds. Enabling companies to recruit graduates that are approved by older alumni will ensure that the new recruit is an asset for the company. Moreover, this entire process makes recruiting and hiring individuals a lot easier and time-saving.


The ultimate goal for corporations should be hosting events that are informative, relevant, and interesting to the attending alumni. Not only will this increase attendance, but it will also help the alumni forge business contacts with the corporation and other attending alumnus. With all other major corporations introducing such events into their framework, companies need innovative alumni networking event ideas to set themselves apart.

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Author | Zoha Junaid

How Does a Virtual Conference Work?

The pandemic has led the entire world to change their way of life. As people cannot gather in large numbers, they have shifted towards online platforms to go about their businesses. Event planners and organizers are hosting events virtually. Virtual conferences are the latest innovation in technology and are accessible to audiences from all around the world. Before asking how does a virtual conference work, you should know what it is.

Virtual Conference

virtual conference is a lot like an in-person conference. These events have the same features such as workshops and networking opportunities. However, instead of hosting this event in a physical venue, it is hosted in a virtual environment. People can join in from anywhere in the world, all they need is a device and a working internet connection. Virtual conferences are very inexpensive and super convenient. Both the corporation and the attendees can benefit greatly from hosting virtual conferences on a virtual event platform.

The Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Conference

The benefits of hosting these events online are numerous. There are so many good reasons to host virtual conferences. Virtual events have a much bigger reach as geographical constraints are finished. Not only do corporations save money on overhead expenses but they also save the cost of accommodations and meals.  Due to the fact that these events are held virtually, they can host a greater number of people. As attendance increases, so does the profit generate by the company. Moreover, as these events have higher attendance, opportunities for sponsorships increase too. All these reasons are why virtual conferences are popular in the business sector.

How does a Virtual Conference Work?

With the market being this competitive, a lot of corporations are switching to online platforms. To compete with other big companies, corporations need to know how to host virtual conferences. Each virtual event is designed especially for specific corporations. Here are a few things to keep in mind while hosting a virtual conference:

1. Choosing a Virtual Event Platform:

The first step while planning to host a virtual event is choosing the right virtual platform. These platforms are customizable to fit the needs of the corporations. They also use a combination of audio-visual aids and webinars. These help corporations spread information about their events and products. Different event platforms provide different features to corporations. The perfect platform can be user-friendly and allow corporations to mould the event according to their needs.

2. Selecting a Theme:

The next step is deciding the theme for the event. This can be carried out through the webpage. The webpage of the company can be the most informative medium. A webpage includes the schedule of the event and the details about each session. Moreover, the time and date of the event is placed there along with blogs that highlight the importance of the conference. An innovative webpage creates interest in attendees and increases attendance. In turn, that increases the sale of products and services.

3. Promoting the Event:

When virtual events are not promoted, the entire efforts of the corporation are wasted. The webpage is an important platform to promote events. Moreover, the best way to get the event promoted is through the use of social media. Everyone has access to social media, and it is the best way to spread the word about an event, in the smallest amount of time. Another great way to promote an event is by sending out emails to sponsors and the attendees.


With the entire world shifting towards virtual platforms, corporations are in severe competition with each other. These events are the best way to keep things normal in difficult times like these. Which is why all businesses are shifting towards it. To compete with other corporations, it is important to know how corporations work virtually.

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How To Engage Visitors At A Virtual Open Day?

Before the pandemic, going on-campus during Open Days to check out the campus, the culture, and the educational system was a very important event. However, due to the Corona Virus and its contagious nature, campuses have had to shift this process online too. Even though students do a lot of research before choosing a university, a Virtual Open Day is a very important part of the whole process. This event is necessary to help prospective students find the perfect university. The most important part of the process is to engage visitors at a Virtual Open Day.

What is a Virtual Open Day?

A Virtual Open Day and University Open Days are online events held on a virtual event platform. It is used to inform students and their parents on the campus life. Due to the pandemic, students can no longer visit campuses to see the facilities in person. These virtual events are a great way to engage students and other visitors, especially international students. At Open Days, students can know what to expect from their universities before they enroll. They can inquire about the curriculum, the faculty members and explore the building. This is why these events being important, not only for the students but also for the university.

The Benefits of a Virtual Open Day

Open Days are great opportunities for students which helps them get familiar with the university. At these events students and their parents have a chance to interact with the university before they join. Students can learn about the different scholarship options available at the university. They can, also, learn about the curriculum and interact with the staff. Moreover, students can learn about the student life of the institution as well as the standard of education.

Another great benefit of hosting this event online is that it is the most convenient option for international students. As these students cannot visit the campus, a virtual open day is an excellent option for them. Another benefit of these events is that they include virtual tours of the campus that allow students to tour the campus. They also use webinars and webchats to educate the students further.

Engaging the Visitors

There are many ways to engage students and their parents so that they apply for the university. The following are a few tips that would engage the visitors and increase attendance.

1. Choosing a Virtual Event Platform

There are many different event platforms that help corporations host their events on a virtual platform. This is why companies and universities can choose from a long list of platforms. These platforms help the corporation by letting them have creative control. The biggest concern of most universities is that their event is not unique. So, these platforms help them. They allow companies to create events that are unique and extremely user-friendly. This allows corporations to create events that are popular among students.

2. Creating an Impressive Web Page

The first thing that students visit is the webpage of the university. Therefore, it is important that the corporation makes a good first impression. The webpage of the university should be captivating. Using a mixture of audio and visual aids can attract potential students. It is also a great way to provide information about the university. Videos can be posted by the faculty, the students and the administration which familiarizes potential students with the culture of the university. A boring and visually displeasing webpage can discourage potential students which is why an innovative page is important.

3. An Immersive Virtual Environment

As the whole event is supposed to be on an online platform, the virtual environment should be excellent. The biggest misconception with hosting events on a virtual platform is that visitors think that the event would not be as good as physical events. However, if universities have an interactive and innovative virtual environment, online events can be better than physical events. Through a great virtual environment, universities can hold events that are interactive and easy to navigate. It is in high resolution and very user friendly. It also includes virtual information desks and virtual booths. This keeps the visitors interested and immersed.

4. Have Rich Content

Students fresh out of high schools and colleges are very curious. Most of them enjoy reading informative and useful tips on potential universities. Including relevant, detailed insights into the content can keep the visitors interested and attracted. These keep the students updated on the faculty, the facilities provided by the university, and its overall culture. Interesting and diverse content that can be downloaded is a great tool. Moreover, using videos and pictures of campus life makes visitors feel familiar with the university. Live webinars and virtual conferences are another great way to keep the visitors engaged and interested. In these events, prospective students can ask questions and update themselves on any issues that they might have.


Virtual Open Days are great mediums for potential students and faculty members to communicate. It is important to know how to engage visitors at a Virtual Open Day. The success of a university’s event can mean an increase in the number of students that apply. It is a much better option as compared to physical events as they are much more cost-effective, have a higher reach, and have immersive virtual environments. They are also very environmentally friendly as they help reduce the carbon footprint left behind by humans. It is important to inculcate the tips mentioned above to have an engaging online event.

Source URL: https://www.virtualrecruitmentdays.com/how-to-engage-visitors-at-a-virtual-open-day/

The Best Tips To Host A Successful Virtual Health Fair

Host a Successful Virtual Health Fair

The health sector has benefited greatly from all the innovations in the fields of science and technology. The centre of disease control has made many promising inventions and cures to the many diseases that afflict human beings. Many healthcare corporations host health fairs to improve the health issues and wellbeing of the people. It is very beneficial for the corporation as it helps it raise funding for medical research and charity work. So, is your corporation planning a health fair event? Here are some awesome tips to host a successful virtual health fair!

1. Deciding on a Theme for your fair

Adding a theme to a virtual health fair gives it more of a flare. It helps finalize the entire layout of the event such as the layout of the webpage and all the concerning activities. An interactive and interesting event brings out the creative side of the corporation, which shows the employees and shareholders that the corporation is working towards the greater good. The themes that healthcare corporations can use could be based on the seasons or the health observation for the month. The whole point of adding a theme to a healthcare event is to make things more interesting to attract attendees.

2. Finding Sponsors

To host great events, companies need to have the financial support of sponsors for the healthcare event. This financial aid benefits the corporations in a great capacity. Big corporations can also become sponsors for small, local health-related businesses such as insurance companies, gyms, dietitians, health food companies and exercise equipment shops, etc. Moreover, with sponsors backing up the event, corporations can host at large scales which can accommodate a lot more people.

3. Choosing the best Online Event Platform

To help corporations host great events there are many virtual event platforms available all around the world. Platforms like Virtual Recruitment Days help corporations to host the best events possible. Their team of experts are specifically chosen to help corporations host informative and interactive health fairs that are equipped with virtual booths and a virtual environment that is as effective as any physical event. With an interactive environment, corporations can ensure that they raise awareness for healthcare-related proceedings and diseases.

4. Adding Giveaways and Giving Freebies from your exhibitors

There is no doubt that healthcare fairs are hubs of knowledge and education which might not be very attractive to a lot of people. Therefore, an interesting feature that corporations can add are challenges in between the speakers and informative webinars. These challenges can be related to medicine and diseases. Attendees can participate in these challenges and the winners can be awarded special gift baskets and coupons. Moreover, corporations can be given a raffle ticket to win a prize, attendees can get stamps at different virtual booths which can be turned into entries for the giveaways.

However, even though individuals can get excited with challenges but not everyone can win. This is why corporations should also include freebies at their health fair so that everyone can feel like a winner and get something tangible along with knowledge of the field. Small and interactive additions like these make virtual health fairs unique and interesting.

5. Scheduling Video Demonstrations and Webinars at a vitual event

In addition to the health fair, corporations can give video demonstrations on medical skills such as CPR and first-aid practices. This would give the general population a lot of important information of medical practices that they should know and might have to use in their daily lives. CPR is an important skill as it helps keep blood and oxygen flowing which is vital when it comes to cardiac arrest. Another thing that these corporations can add are webinars that can be viewed from anywhere in the world. These webinars would consist of short informational videos that would cover a wide array of medical problems and information.


Besides the conventional features and steps of hosting virtual health fairs, these unique and interesting tips can help any corporation to host unique virtual health fairs. These kinds of events are the epitome of innovation of the 21st Century. Not only has science and technology greatly affected the way medicine is practiced but it has also led towards people having longer, healthier life spans. Virtual health fairs are great ways to bring about awareness towards the field of medicine and with the aforementioned tips, corporations can successfully deliver them!

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Best Online Platform For A Virtual Education Fair

With the recent advancements in technology, humans can achieve things that they never thought were possible. Technology has advanced to such a level that everything can be done on a virtual platform. Moreover, due to the recent pandemic, the whole world has been forced to resume working but virtually. Universities have been closed for the better half of 2020 but as educating students is an important part of life, universities had to get creative. Here are some of the features of the best online platform for a virtual education fair.

What is a Virtual Education Fair?

An Online Education Fair is much like a Virtual Open Day. These events are designed specifically to attract students towards potential universities. Before the pandemic, high school graduates and their families used to take a trip all around the country to tour universities and find the best fit for them. Due to the current state of the world, universities cannot host parents and potential students physically, but they can do it virtually. Education Fairs are a great way to engage potential students by helping universities promote their learning environments.

best online education fair platform

Why Should Universities Host Online Education Fairs?

It is an important part of the entire process which is why universities need to hold Virtual Education Fairs and University Open Days. These events help potential students to familiarize themselves with the universities. With the market being as competitive as it is, universities need the most modern tools to host these events. To help them achieve this, there are many virtual event platforms available that can be used. These platforms are designed specifically to help corporations host the best online events possible. The following are the features provided by the best online platform for a virtual education fair. This highlights the benefits of virtual event platforms.

1. Virtual Classrooms

As the whole teaching and learning process had to be shifted online, universities had to create new tools to keep their students engaged and educated. One of these innovations provided by online event platforms is the virtual classroom. These are very beneficial for all the parties involved i.e. the faculty, the students, and the university. Not only do these provide an interactive medium for students, but it also elevates the working of the entire educational sector. Using virtual classroom software provided by Virtual Recruitment Days provides the university to hold online classes, pre-record and deliver lectures and receive assignments. While also monitoring the progress of the students and the entire course. 

2. Virtual Tours

It is very important to provide students an interactive virtual environment. Online event platforms help corporations to give their students an environment that is close to reality. It is beneficial for the students as it fast tracks their learning process while also helping teachers to keep an effective watch on them. Teachers use this feature to provide

3. Online Orientation

Joining a new institution is a very tough process for both the administration and the students. The students need to be inculcated into campus life and that requires a lot of effort. That is where virtual event platforms come in. Online orientations help students to familiarize with the campus and the faculty. At the same time, it helps universities spread their culture and tell potential students the important information that they need to know. This is immensely important for the university as potential students and parents can join in from the comfort of their homes. This reduces costs and makes the entire process much easier.  

4. Constant Communication

The biggest problem perceived with hosting events on an online platform is that there might be a communication gap between the participants and the hosts. Communication barriers cause rifts between teachers, students, and the administrative staff. Innovative Virtual event platforms help corporations to bridge that gap and eradicate those barriers. They create a continuous line of communication amongst the staff, the students, the parents, and the administration, ensuring a smooth sailing education fair.

5. Virtual Booths

Virtual Booths are another great feature that is provided to universities by online platforms. It enhances their virtual event by giving them an interactive virtual environment. Virtual booths are easy to access and navigate. Their main purpose is to provide support to potential students and their parents. By providing them with easily accessible information, universities can make sure that any potential students get all the relevant information they need to apply. Moreover, it is a modern form of a physical booth, typically manned by one or two members of the university. Not only does it help spread relevant information, but it also helps universities open and maintains a constant line of communication with the students.


Online Events are the best way to host events in accordance with the problems faced by the world at this time. These events are cost-effective, time-saving, and do wonders for the environment. All the major universities have already shifted onto virtual platforms to host these events. To compete with them, corporations need to know about the best online platform for a virtual education fair.

The Best Way To Market Your Product Online

The online world has turned the table for marketing business. People are more inclined to avail online services to market their products and reach a huge number of online audiences than physical ones. Virtual platforms are the new game-changer. The attention of the masses has shifted to virtual platforms, as everything is a click away. Are you hoping to reach an audience ten times larger than the physical one? With a Virtual Event Platform, your business will reach new heights. Here are some obvious reasons you need to market your product virtually.

1- Bulk of Audience

The pandemic has changed the course of shopping for the masses. About 51% of the worlds’ population is inclined to shop online as people spend more time indoors. As the online market has made the most of these uncertain times. It is evident that the future is virtual, why not market your product online through a virtual event platform that targets your concerned audience and engages them into helping your business grow. The people are there available at their screens, all you need is an authentic expertise event platform to help you create, execute and manage your product online. Consult expert platforms to find methods that suit your business revenue to reach a global audience.

2- Gain Maximum Engagement

Recent studies have proved virtual events to have 70 times better engagement than traditional product marketing. The use of advanced engagement tools and analytic features of web-based platforms ensure maximum engagement for your business. The availability of live support pushes your event to reach maximum audience and engagement. You must have witnessed students responding better to online educational lectures than physical classroom settings. Why do you think that is the case? At online platforms, the chances of distractions will reduce to zero and people have their focus on the presented event through visual and auditory means. Likewise, you can sustain the attention of your audience through a virtual event. 

3- Avail Maximum Profit

The shift to a virtual event platform ensures maximum profit. The expenses to rent a venue, hiring staff, getting printed brochures, traveling and accommodation will reduce when you advertise your product online with a virtual events platform. The profit will maximize when a virtual platform targets the audience from the comfort of their space and desks. It allows more participants to attend when commuting or traveling is not an issue at hand. People can tune in to your virtual product marketing through a device or browser, with a good internet connection. Thus, the flexibility that comes with an online virtual event is commendable.

 4- Perks of Rich Content

Market your product online with rich content backing your business and watch it grow. How often do you get the chance to convey messages that define your product to your audience? Virtual event platforms save you the hassle to get paper-printed pamphlets or banners and display them in a physical setting for your audience to respond. With a virtual platform, you have videos and images with rich content that states all the benefits and has relevant information about your product. How beneficial are the virtual brochures that have all the information about your product and your company displayed even after the event ended? Hence, a virtual platform is the best option. 

5- Efficient Tracking and Feedback

When you market your product online through a virtual event platform, you can track the audience attendance using digital footprinting from the start of the event to the end. The platform also measures the performance matrix of attendees’ texts, comments, and further interaction, throughout. You have all the records of your virtual event when marketing your product online. On the other hand, it is easier to extract feedback from attendees through email surveys. All the feedback from the marketing event comes to you in a web-sheet. Look how beautifully digital solutions have eased your business reach! Market your product virtually and let your business fly high.


The digital world has changed the sense of business. Online marketing is fruitful in ways one cannot name. The benefits of maximum audience engagement and the bulk of attendees responding and reacting to your product are innumerable. Moreover, it allows attendees to attend events remotely. The virtual platform has brought a global audience to your feet to help your business reach heights.

Source URL: https://www.virtualrecruitmentdays.com/the-best-way-to-market-your-product-online/

Author | Mubashrah Rahim

How To Plan A Virtual Event

How often do you start working on a project without a structured plan? Almost never! This is exactly the case with organizing or executing an event. The stronger your understanding of the event is, the better you are able to plan a virtual event. 

Just as the attention of the business world has shifted to virtual platforms, companies focus on planning an event beforehand. Digital solutions have made life easier yet it is tricky to plan a virtual event. Likewise, hosting an event demands prior work which becomes the basis for a successful event. One cannot blame the intricacy as virtual events are run by careful work compared to a physical event. 

An event is built upon research and planning. First-timers can have a tough time learning to go about it. That is why we have constructed an event plan for you to follow each time you book an online virtual event. A virtual events platform helps you plan and execute your event flawlessly. Wondering why didn’t the need for this plan cross your mind before? Well, there is always a first time and we want to make sure you are equipped for your first time. 

Follow these easy steps to create and execute a virtual event. 

1- Construct a Do-able Plan

Before starting on a virtual event, define your expectations from it. List down the dos and don’ts for your understanding which helps the team map their way through the event. A well-constructed plan is much needed to move forward. Consider this initial step as a torch and let it shine on the virtual event being executed. 

Use quantifiable measures for your goals and priorities. Once the plan is built, your team has the structured guideline to follow throughout the event. Be it a conference, job fair, or trade show, defined goals help with the success of a virtual event. Moreover, focus on creating do-able plans. Do not get trapped in something you cannot pull off as you plan a virtual event. Your success rate depends on a well-crafted plan. 

2- Choosing a Virtual Events Platform

The foremost step to creating a virtual event is to select a virtual platform. Choosing where to invest is a hard call. It is important that you examine and pick a virtual events platform that suits your event. Before you hop on and pick a platform, consider the following stances; whether the platform is well known for the services it provides, confirm how immersive the platform is, check the previous events hosted at the platform to have a clear idea of the professionalism of virtual events platform. These are the easy ways to examine the competence of a virtual platform. 

A virtual platform should be expert in providing an image of an in-person event. For instance, if you are to host a conference at a virtual events platform, make sure that the visuals and features are a glimpse of traditional conferences. Virtual platforms should look as real as possible, 3D events having attendees move about in the lobby just as they would at an event. Sounds crazy, right? Not to forget, make sure that engagement options like chat or Q&A are being offered by the platform. One can beautify the event with customizable booths and fully personalized designed lobbies. Hence, it is essential to opt for an events platform that offers maximum benefits, which further confirms the success of your virtual event. 

3- Reach out to Speakers

With virtual events, it is important to ensure that speakers are in good terms with the attendees. This is essential to notice when an event is run by the spirit of a speaker. The most important quality that a speaker should possess is the ability to keep the audience spellbound throughout the event. The more skilled a speaker is, the more chances are there for the event to go successful. 

Picking a speaker can be tricky. There are certain factors that should be taken into consideration. When selecting a speaker for your event, look out for speakers expert in the subject matter you are to conduct, thought-leaders around you should be preferred. Moreover, reaching out to speakers with a good fan following, be it an influencer or a PhD in the field. It is also suggested that you look for a speaker who is the choice of your attendees. Surely, this is an easy tactic for securing maximum engagement. 

4- Associate with Sponsors and Exhibitors

In planning an event, there is a need to get in touch with sponsors and exhibitors. For events like trade shows and non-profit events, one should associate with organizations in advance. The organizations you reach out to can be your partners or leaders in the field. You can invite them to exhibit at your event or sponsor the event. Once the deal is final, you can collaborate with them on the booth design.

5- Plan Activities 

For an increased user engagement, it is advised to plan interactive activities. Such activities will hook users to your event. Through these activities, you can impart further information to attendees to gain maximum attention. Schedule lucky draws and hourly prizes for interactive attendees. 

6- Construct a Schedule 

With a well-constructed plan of events, businesses can achieve maximum growth. Once you have stakeholders on board and have activities planned out, it’s time to form an event schedule.
For a successful event, note that the event must be scheduled with a healthy balance of activities, speaking sessions, and break. For instance, the event can be scheduled as; 

1- Begin with an introductory session and include some time for questions and answers. 

2- Schedule a 10-minute break for attendees to get familiarized with the virtual platform. 

3- Plan a 45 minutes session, with 5 minutes of Q&A. 

4- Programme time for a lunch break or tea. 

5- Plan to present high-profile speakers at the start to gain maximum attention.

6- Schedule activities towards the end of the event when the attendees start to lose interest. 

7- Work on Promotions 

Once you have all the things planned out it is time for working on promotions. Business communication is carried out through email marketing. It is cost-effective and highly-personalized. With email marketing, send out emails to all your contacts. Add a call-to-action by keeping the message concise and clear. 


With a structured event plan, one can easily mark the success of their event. At Virtual Recruitment Days, events are organized and executed with perfection. The steps to reach out to speakers, exhibitors and sponsors should be followed carefully. Planning activities to ensure user engagement and maximum attendee attention are vital for your event. Scheduling the event and working on promotions is as important as working on a set of goals. Make sure that the maximum number of your target audience gets invited to the event. You don’t want it to go down the hill in any way? Note and follow all the above-mentioned steps to mark the success of your virtual event. 

Source URL: https://www.virtualrecruitmentdays.com/how-to-plan-a-virtual-event/

Author | Mubashrah Rahim

Create Exclusive Experience With Custom Build Digital Events

Ever wonder how the digital world has changed the outlook of life? You may not be physically present at a location and yet enjoy every bit of the event. Indeed, the experience of digital solutions has made life easier for organizations and individuals. Imagine you are to attend a new school and are too excited to wear the denim and flex the cool-dude vibe. With custom build digital events, you get real user experience walking around in college corridors you will be visiting each day. 

Custom Digital Events 

Let us emphasize the importance of a personalized experience achieved from customized digital events. Digital events platform brings your ideas to life with a customized digital event. Whether it is an interactive workshop, conference, job fair, open days, or hosting a fun meetup, custom digital event is the answer. Due to the pandemic restrictions, the human body is left with no choice but to move physical events to digital platforms. These platforms offer a safe and productive environment for attendees and organizers. Moreover, they provide consultation on planning and strategically organizing your event. 

You are at liberty to attend an event from the comfort of your PJs with tacos in hand.  

The Exquisite Features 

Let us ponder on the features of custom build digital events. A custom virtual events platform offers customized event strategy and production. Wondering how a custom build event helps you? A custom build digital event makes you see through marketing strategies and choose your business’s best solutions. It equips you with an eye for speaker selection, recruitment, sponsorship and attendee acquisition, venue sourcing, logistics, and much more. 

How about assessing each event’s progress through the digital event’s accurate logistics? With a digital platform, you receive maximum user engagement and attendee satisfaction statistics—further, the logistics help organize a successful event each time. Moreover, digital events are cost-effective and have a wider array of events as webinars, virtual open days, virtual conferences, online meetings, online exhibitions, virtual recruitment, online career fairs, and much more. 

More to it! 

If you are still not convinced with the idea, here are some amazing benefits custom build digital events offer. Firstly, the close to reality customized event provides personal experience with the event crafted as per the needs of a specific audience and tailored aspects of the virtual event to suit each of them. The exclusive user experience comes with the flexibility to broadcast at a desired time, with interactive features and the liberty to invite guests from around the world.  Now, it is more important than ever to gather data to pinpoint your audience’s interests and decide on the pathway. Thus, attendee satisfaction is prioritized. 

Why Personalization?

Customization of digital events offers brand loyalty. Achieving brand loyalty and bridging the customer engagement gap is the real perk earned from your event’s personalization. Not just that, personalization generates an abundance of traffic, and the event marks a sure success. Why not build lasting memories with custom digital events? Reimagine the attendee experience and create lasting impressions. 

Partner with Virtual Events Platform 

When customizing a digital event unique to your audience, there comes a need to work with a partner who is an expert in understanding candidate behavior, personalized content, and user experience. With a virtual events platform, businesses can deliver customized content to empower candidate journey. Be it tailored content, adjusting navigational cues, or providing job recommendations, companies can easily optimize the content derived from browsing history or visitor experience. Choosing the right digital events platform is important for a personalized candidate experience, empower new recruiting strategies, and drive results for your organizations.

Successfully Organized-Custom Build Digital Event 

Virtual recruitment days have delivered many successful custom-built digital events. One of our marvels is the University of East London Fair. The project is an accurate picture of the architecture of the university. Moreover, it enhances the user experience from exterior to interior visualization. The installation of booths and availability of representatives from University faculty provides a close to reality experience for attendees. The university’s primary and secondary halls are presented the same as you will find in natural settings. Why not give your attendees a wholesome experience? As if they were actually moving about exploring the floors of the university? VRD offers architectural visualization and customization of your events precisely as a mirror image of a real setting. 


From the aforementioned features of a custom event, you must have noted the need to host a custom build digital event. Virtual events are gaining popularity with each passing day. When you can host an exceptionally well-organized personalized event, there is no going back to traditional physical events. At a virtual events platform, you get to voice your brand straight from a digital wire onto the screens of people all across the world to a greater number of attendees. The attendees may be from different backgrounds or geographical locations, but they attend as one at a customized event. 

Source URL: https://www.virtualrecruitmentdays.com/create-exclusive-experience-with-custom-build-digital-events/

Author | Mubashrah Rahim