Corporate Networking Events

6 Tips for Corporate Networking Events in 2023

Lansera welcomes business professionals to quit traditional practices of building connections and turn to global online networking.

alumni network

How Do You Build a Strong Alumni Network?

If your college or university is looking to build a strong alumni network, then join our virtual networking platform today.

Successful Hybrid Event

5 Steps to a Successful Hybrid Event

If you are struggling with planning a successful hybrid event, then we are here to help. Follow these incredible ideas to host a hybrid event.

Virtual Tour Experience

5 Tips for Creating an Engaging Virtual Tour Experience

Create an engaging virtual tour experience with high-quality visuals, a convincing brand story, a guided directory and informative content.

What is a Virtual Tour?

What is a Virtual Tour and How Does it Benefit the Event Industry?

If you wish to stay competitive within the event industry, all you need to do is create immersive 3D virtual tours for your audience.

Ideas for a virtual conference

Best Ideas for a Virtual Conference in 2023

Realizing the competition in the virtual events market, we are here to share the simple and practical ideas you can consider when hosting an online conference.

Virtual event marketing

A Practical Guide to Virtual Event Marketing

If you get a little confuse on the thought of promoting your event worldwide, then you are not alone. We are here to guide you …

Virtual Office Team Building Activities

Virtual Office Team Building Activities for Remote Employees

Are you looking for an online workplace for your remote employees? Create a virtual office to mimic an office environment for remote teams operating globally.

Planning a Virtual Conference

Top 10 Tips to Follow When Planning a Virtual Conference

It is observed that the corporate industry now widely hosts virtual conferences as it promises a global reach and international brand representation.

virtual sales events

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Sales Events

Are you planning on moving your sales processes online? 2022 promises grand success for organizations aiming to maximize their revenue count.