best virtual event platform

How does Lansera Qualify for Best Virtual Event Platform for 2023?

This guide will shed light on what tools, features, and services helps Lansera qualify as the best platform for hosting your virtual events.

Lansera as a UCaaS Platform

Lansera as a Unified Communications Service Platform

Virtual platforms become a service model for unified organizational communication and collaboration.

international environmental meeting

Stockholm International Meeting – Towards a Healthy Planet

The world United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to bring together the global environment community in Stockholm, Sweden.

virtual office

Why Virtual Office Will be the Next Big Thing?

virtual confrence

How to Promote Digital Events and Reach a Larger Audience

Getting the word out to a global audience is no child’s play. Here we give you a few good ideas on how to promote your digital event to reach a larger audience.

microsoft marketplace

Lansera is now available on Microsoft Marketplace

We are now happy to announce that the Lansera platform is now available through the Microsoft Marketplace, in over 100 countries around the world.

microsoft partnership lansera

Lansera selected as Microsoft Startup Partner

Lansera Virtual Events has been selected for the Microsoft Startup Program. Lanseras virtual event platform will soon be available on Microsoft Marketplace, and will be accessible to all resellers and partners within the Microsoft network.

PCMA webinar

PCMA Webinar: The New Digital Event Economy, Explained

Lansera is now part of the PCMA, the world’s largest network of business events strategists. On the 27th of July Lansera will host a webinar as part of the “Get to know series” of PCMA.