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Building an Online Church Community with Virtual Platform

A church community is a binding force for all the children of God. People attend churches at prayer meets, sermons, worship nights, marriages, memorials, or baptisms. But, gathering at a physical location now seems like a thing of the past. On the contrary, with growing advancements in tech and tools, most of the physical interactions have shifted online. Churches across the country have started building an online church community. The online church community can now gather at any time, from anywhere in the world. 

Gathering the churchgoers online is, however, a new thing in practice. Most of the church services and ceremonies are now held online. Now, people no more miss their church service as most churches run their sermons and programs online and are easily accessible from smartphones or computer devices.

A bunch of questions might occupy our minds, such as: Why build an online church community? How to choose the right platform for your online church community? Which sermons would be held online? Can you design a virtual church accessible at all times? How would virtual chat and networking features ease the process of regular virtual church service? 

Let us explore the answer to these questions in the following text. 

Why Move to a Virtual Platform?

At present, a virtual platform is the best way to build your online church community. An online church community gathers attendees online from anywhere and everywhere on God’s earth. For that matter, virtual platforms leverage their extensive features and tools to help bishops, popes, pastors, or ministers live-stream church service and guide people on the path of Jesus. 

Here, everything happens online and is accessible to people in the comfort of their homes. Once an online community is gathered, the platform eases the process of live real-time interactions among the community members. For instance, the platform is well equipped to facilitate live chats, audio/video conferencing, and one-on-one or group meetings. Also, the platform is custom-designed from halls, altar, lectern, and pulpit, to a crucifix offering a personalized experience to your attendees. 

Interestingly, a virtual church can host services, prayer meets, ceremonies, memorials, and weekly or daily devotional times. Basically, the platform aids churches in bringing their church service online and gathering attendees online throughout the week. So, move to a virtual platform today and create an unforgettable experience for the church attendees. 

Build an Online Church Community with Virtual Platforms

Setting up an online church community could be challenging. However, with support from the right platform, community services are hosted online in a blink of an eye. It is a cost-effective approach to building Christian communities online to fuel connections among churches, members, and the entire world. 

Here’s our step-by-step guide to building an online community for churches.

Choose the Right Virtual Platform

Do you wish to gather the members of the congregation online? Let the congregation greet, interact and share community-related materials using a virtual platform. Generally, churches that moved to virtual platforms have noticed an increase in membership from around the country. The platform is an all-in-all service provider facilitating bishops, pops and pastors to create an interactive and engaging church service for weekends or throughout the week. Mainly, it allows you to build a strong online church community that is accessible online from any part of the world.

Before partnering with the virtual church platform, make sure it offers the following features:

  • Customizable 3D environment
  • Live chat/video call 
  • Online community memberships
  • Real-time networking reports 
  • Measurable service statistics 
  • Cross-device compatibility
  • Community matching service
  • Polls and Questionnaire
  • 24/7 Support 

Schedule Online Church Service Anytime

Why wait for the weekend to gather church community members? With a virtual platform, you get to schedule the online church service at any time during the week. Each member participates in the service and does not have to take time out of their busy schedules to appear at a physical location. Moreover, it encourages the working class to attend the service anytime regardless of strict working hours.

Fortunately, communal worships are now easily scheduled and hosted through virtual platforms. It provides a strong basis for the online church community. As a result, the children of God build a strong sense of companionship.

Host Live Prayer Sessions

When moving your church community to an online platform, make sure you accommodate the members for routine prayer meets. The prayer meets gather a large number of community members to pray as a group. Basically, these prayer meetings are conducted separately from service meetings. 

  • Set up alerts and notifications on the scheduled prayer sessions and notify each member to join.
  • Use live video or audio chat features to engage in one-on-one or private chat. 
  • Allows pastors and ministers to use virtual tools for individual prayer requests
  • Create live speaker sessions and discussions about prayer
  • Play worship songs or set up a live chorus

Streamline Virtual Church Ceremonies

Ceremonies are the occasions where a large number of community members show up and engage in specific sermons and activities. These ceremonies are celebrated by the congregation, reflecting the spiritual essence of each event. Surprisingly, a virtual platform accommodates a large number of attendees at the ceremonies. For instance, a marriage ceremony is attended by all the close family members, relatives and friends.

Virtual ceremonies are accessible to anyone and everyone who is a member of an online church community. 

The church ceremonies hosted by an online church community include:

  • Marriage
  • Baptism 
  • Anointing of the sick
  • Eucharist
  • Ordination
  • Memorial
  • Confirmation
  • Easter 
  • Good Friday
  • Last Supper
  • Christmas 

Online Prayer Request Portals

Virtual platforms help online church communities receive prayer requests and attend to each request in a private session. Basically, an online portal gathers prayer requests from the entire church community. Then, pastors address the requests with live chat and audio/video conferencing options.

In fact, the virtual platform smartly manages hundreds to thousands of prayer requests and responds to each effectively.

Routine Devotional Gatherings 

When building an online church community, it is essential to engage the community members on a regular basis. Now you can schedule it from weekly devotional gatherings to daily gatherings. Basically, a virtual church breaks all bounds for the online communities and gathers children from different pastors all in one place. Meanwhile, it is a great opportunity for the members to connect, interact and engage with each other through live chat or audio/video meetings. 

Virtual platforms leverage their networking and engagement features for the online church community to benefit at all times. The members can also schedule meetings or prayer requests through meeting scheduler options. Plus, fathers have the opportunity to engage the entire community by delivering live speeches during devotional gatherings.

In Conclusion

With virtual platforms, online church communities have multiple ways to connect and network. The congregations do not have to wait for church Sunday to present themselves before God. Instead, a virtual platform is accessible at all times and offers numerous opportunities for members’ interaction and networking.

Lansera Virtual platform welcomes church communities to move their congregations online. Building an online church community would help the pastors and members interact with each other regularly without waiting for the weekend prayer meets.


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