Lansera as a UCaaS Platform

Lansera as a UCaaS Platform

At present, the corporate industry has become a digital hub. The internet is now flooded with vast solutions to digitize modern-day human interactions for business networking. Undoubtedly, it is now the age of cloud-based communications. So realizing the need, global businesses now look for unified services to earn the most out of this digital transformation. Precisely, enterprises look for unified communications as a service solution (UCaaS). Perhaps it may seem like daydreaming, isn’t it? While we were too naive to ponder on the question, there exist unified communications as a service platform. 

Mainly, a platform that brings everything together is the real deal. Virtual platforms become a service model for unified organizational communication and collaboration. Altogether, it combines digital technology, tools, and features to facilitate businesses with their global online interactions. It is the year 2022; a UCaaS platform is your key to staying ahead of your competitors. In a nutshell, the platform becomes your very own:

  • Virtual events hub
  • Digital workspace
  • Virtual roundtable 
  • Training platform
  • Intranet software

Let’s explore how the UCaaS platform’s online networking and interactions benefit organizations and enterprises. 

Features of Unified Communications as a Service Platform 

Organizations need a central communication platform to streamline routine interactions to keep up with current business trends. The first step here is to partner with a feature-rich service provider platform. By all means, Lansera has introduced itself as the global business communications hub. Be it a business meeting, conference, workshop, recruitment fair or routine team communications – Lansera has got your back. The platform has, in fact, earned its name in the event industry and among global organizations. 

By joining our UCaaS platform, businesses develop global connections, enhance remote team interactions, and conduct routine business meetings. But the question here arises; How does the platform facilitate businesses with unified communications? Here’s a peek at the chat and networking features of our virtual UCaaS platform. 

Global Accessibility and Reach

General Observation:

As per the evidence collected from recent studies, business networking has become a global phenomenon. People are vastly communicating over the internet, which has put distance to question. On the other hand, the excessive use of laptops or smartphones has brought global networking a click away. Take, for instance, digital media marketing is now dominating the business world. It is about expanding one’s reach and familiarising the world with your brand. 

Our communications have come far from mere telephonic or mobile conversations. In order to fit in the bigger picture, businesses need reformed practices of online communication. This is where a UCaaS platform comes into the picture. The platform minimizes distances and helps organizations gather their remote teams, industry professionals, stakeholders and partners together under one roof. In a true sense, Lansera becomes accessible to anyone joining from anywhere in the world. For instance, an organization hosts a virtual conference. The platform allows gathering thousands of people online. Hence, your event reaches people residing in remote locations.

Meeting Solutions – Audio/Video Conferencing

The recent pandemic restrictions confined people in their homes. As a result, offices reverted to work-from-home practices. In those uncertain times, the zoom meetings came to the rescue and helped us continue with our human interactions from over a screen. But, the zoom days are nearly over now. So, how would businesses continue with their routine employee interactions and team meetings? 

Again, a virtual platform as a UCaaS brought in reliable and convenient solutions for organizations. In general, it gathers humans in an online workspace where they can easily host routine meetings every so often. By creating a virtual replica of the physical office space, the platform aids organizations in continuing with their day-to-day meetings. Our UCaaS platform offers meeting rooms to conduct international meetings as well as routine team training sessions. So, overall one can engage in audio/video meetings at any time. Now, the CEO can easily call a meeting and, above all, gather teams from around the world in a matter of seconds.  

Scheduling a Meeting:

Interestingly, the platform also offers a meeting scheduler option that allows anyone from the staff to request a meeting with others. It helps reserve meeting slots and easily connect with each other. In the case of live virtual events, the attendees take appointments with the exhibitors right at the booths. 

Text, Audio/Video Chat, Email and Messaging Options

Our UCaaS brings you everything under one roof. From text chat to email, the platform becomes your very own business communications hub. For instance, the meetings hosted online at a virtual platform facilitate attendees to easily interact via chat, email, audio/video conferencing or other chat options. 

The UCaaS virtual platform has built-in chat options at each step. Firstly, attendees gather at the event’s landing page to register for the event or connect with the support team. Next, the reception desk has chat options to inquire about the fair or event segments. Basically, the live text at the event is set up to encourage human interaction at each step so as to offer them a life-like environment.

Live, Semi-live, Recorded, or On-demand Webinar Sessions

Above all, the platform offers personalized webinar rooms. It allows organizations to set up and host their presentations easily. It is highly flexible as one can easily host live, semi-live or recorded webinar sessions at your convenience. On top, there is especially no limit to the number of attendees who can attend the webinar sessions. Also, it allows keynote speakers to join from anywhere in the world and easily present before an online audience. Likewise, the audience can either join live or access the webinar sessions at any time. 

Not just that, being the UCaaS platform, Lansera allows organizations to fully personalize the webinar experience for their attendees. Overall, you can custom design the webinar room with your own company culture, logos, or themes. That way, your remote teams have a way to connect with your company and, in effect, engage with the other teams. Facilitating unified communications, webinar sessions are made markedly interactive with:

  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Live text chat 
  • Meeting scheduler option
  • Live polling 
  • Content sharing option
  • Live quizzes
  • Group chat rooms
  • Profile search option 
  • Video or audio content
  • Live gamification
  • Constant alerts and notifications

1:1 Private or Group Meeting Rooms

Our UCaaS platform has become the business chat hub. In the case of virtual events, the platform allows attendees to engage with the exhibitors in live 1:1 chat. Also, attendees have access to live group chat rooms such as; networking chat rooms, business chat rooms, technical assistance groups or employee training chats. Likewise, the private text chat option allows CEOs, GMs, and project managers to discuss confidential matters. By all means, online meeting rooms offer a feature-packed private space to facilitate employee networking, onboarding and training. 

Networking Opportunities for Businesses 

Interactive Reception Desks and Booths

Once you partner with a virtual UCaaS platform, there are ample opportunities for engagement and networking. For example, when hosting your recruitment event or a virtual conference, the entire platform becomes a communications network. The reception desks installed at the events have built-in chat options. It guides attendees to easily navigate the virtual space and engages them with exhibitors in live 1:1 chat. 

Similarly, the virtual booths present itself as the central point of contact. Booths have navigation buttons, video content, standees, company representative animated avatars, documents and webinar information. Basically, the booths are installed in the exhibition halls to assist attendees through the event. Also, live chat options help attendees and exhibitors to engage in private chat, be it audio or video.  

Virtual Workspace for Routine Interactions 

Remember how routine business interactions became a hurdle back in the pandemic? Companies offer a hybrid work model for their employees. But, employees also needed online workstations. This is where Lansera came to the rescue. The virtual platform becomes an online workspace for global organizations. By creating a complete replica of the physical office space, the employees and remote teams are welcomed online. Interestingly, it offers an immersive experience as if we are moving around the office. 

So, all in all, the platform becomes a safe space for organizations to bring their workspace online. Gathering teams and employees online, the platform allows routine interactions and facilitates business meetings, workshops, seminars or conferences.  

Live Presentations and Seminars

Let’s face it; the future is digital. It is about time we realize the importance of online interactions and communications. The virtual UCaaS platform is gaining popularity for all good reasons. Organizations now easily host their live presentations and seminars online. Signing in to the virtual network, companies fully personalize the seminar or webinar experience for their audience. 

Keynote speakers have the opportunity to easily take time out of their busy schedules and address an online audience. Likewise, attendees need not spend the whole day over a seminar or presentation. Rather than hosting the seminar online, attending from home reduce the day-long sessions to a few hours. 

Virtual Roundtables and Workshops 

Lansera allows businesses worldwide to connect with remote industry professionals through hosting virtual roundtables and workshops. Today, companies carry on with their b2b and b2c online interactions at virtual roundtable meetings. In addition, it ensures unified and secure communication among stakeholders, executives and CEOs. 

Ultimately, the platform offers:

  • One-on-one digital engagement 
  • Customizable virtual space
  • Easy set-up and hosting 
  • Seamless sharing of confidential information
  • Global reach and brand recognition

So, if you wish to step ahead of the world corporations, a virtual roundtable and workshop is the right choice. 

In Conclusion

Lansera presents itself as the ultimate unified communication platform. From text, audio, and video chat to online conferencing and meetings, the platform welcomes organizations to continue with their business communications and networking. It is an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly and feature-rich all-in-one solution for modern-day business interactions. All your online communications are supported, from routine business meetings to annual conferences and recruitment events. 

Join us to experience unified online communications as a service platform. Request a demo and learn more about our virtual events.


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