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Digital Event Awards 2022

Lansera proudly shares its recent achievement – We made it to the second Digital Event Awards. Our efforts were truly recognized with nominations for “Best Digital Platform” and “Best Digital Exhibition.” The awards were hosted on 31 March 2022 to appreciate the efforts and success of event suppliers and organizers who managed to push world-class digital events all year long. The awards encouraged event suppliers who helped corporations to engage in b2b digital conferences, workshops, webinars, and exhibitions.

All About Digital Event Awards 

The 2022 digital event awards recognized the excellence of event providers in delivering top digital events. A total of 40 digital event platforms were nominated for providing the best digital experiences. The jury consisted of a panel of 14 industry experts. Among them were: 

ICC Belfast’s Head of Production, Dave Young 

Clarion’s Portfolio Director, James Samuel

Nigel Dacre, CEO of Inclusive Digital

Rachel Macaulay, Head of Conferences and Events for Vue Entertainment

Ed Tranter, MD of 73 Media

The Events Hub Founder, Ruby Sweeney

The awards were distributed in a total of 18 categories. To name a few:

  • Best Digital Event Agency 
  • Best Digital Exhibition 
  • Best Technology Platform 
  • Best Digital Conference
  • Best Webinar Series 

Groundbreaking Number of Digital Events 

With eyes on the sky, Lansera welcomed top companies and enterprises to use the feature enriched digital events platform. We managed to execute a groundbreaking number of digital events hosted online and made accessible across the globe. The list includes :

  • Digital Sales Events 
  • Digital Exhibitions 
  • Virtual Conference 
  • Virtual Showrooms 
  • Virtual Job Fair 
  • Virtual Open Day
  • Virtual Ceremony 
  • Virtual Concert

We take an oath to continue our efforts to transform the world into a global digital hub.

How We Built the Trust 

Over the years, Lansera has developed into a giant 3D virtual events platform. We expanded our teams and deployed our expert resources to assist global industries and marketers with hosting their digital, virtual and hybrid events. Our commitment to perfection and deliverance beyond expectation helped us earn the trust of a large clientele.

Check out what our customers have to say:

“The platform worked great as an online kick-off event where we could share information about how the teams work and chat directly to the new co-workers. There are a lot of great features in the platform that make it possible to connect with each other even if we are not meeting in person.”

Anna Sjögård Digital Event (Keystone Education Group)

“With Lansera’s help and cutting edge technology, we have been able to bring our customers into the digital age in a way that has really put us and them at the forefront. Lansera’s creativity and willingness to solve any challenges that lie ahead is impressive and that is why they have taken a strong position in the industry today.”

Anna Borgslycka (Borgslycka Promotion)

“An advantage of the approach is that we can easily identify and proactively contact students who have exactly the field of study we are looking for. We are therefore establishing more good contacts digitally, compared to traditional physical fairs where we have to rely more on the coincidence that the “right” students happen to pass by and stop at our stand.”

Per Karlsson (HR strategist at Gävle Municipality)

Why Choose Lansera? 

Lansera extends its digital events solutions to the global market. We lead from the front and help industries showcase their brand, win international leads and connect with the marketplace. All in all, our digital events platform allows you to:

  • Target a global market 
  • Offer a unique brand experience
  • Step ahead of the competition
  • Immerse audiences in a virtual world
  • Reduce carbon footprint

What’s Next in Our Agenda?

2022 is to witness more exciting digital events coming from Lansera digital events platform. The annual digital events awards have boosted our morale to continue to be the best digital solution provider company. At present, we are introducing new technology and tools into our platform to offer an above and beyond experience to our clients. We aim to grow big and fly high within the marketplace to expand our clientele each year. 

So do you wish to host a digital event? Join our prestigious platform to easily gather a global audience at your next webinar.


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