PCMA webinar

Lansera is now part of the PCMA

Lansera is now part of the PCMA, and on the 27th of July Lansera will host webinar at the PCMA, on the topic of the new digital event economy. 

PCMA is the world’s largest, most respected, and recognized network of business events strategists and its member base consists of industry leaders all over the world. Lansera is now a member of the PCMA and on the 27th of July Lansera will host a webinar as part of the “Get to know series” of PCMA.

– We are very happy to be part of PCMA and in this first webinar we hope to introduce ourselves to the event industry. We believe we can add a lot of value and help event strategists creating stunning and user friendly virtual events in a cutting edge platform. We are also hoping to form strong partnerships with event organizers where a partnership will boost their business and will be a win win for everybody, says Viktor Strömberg, COO at Lansera Virtual Events.

In Lanseras first PCMA webinar you will join Viktor Strömberg, Co-Founder and COO of Lansera, and learn how the new event economy can positively affect your business. Find out how to add an event platform into your portfolio for successful hybrid and virtual events and how partnering with a high-tech event platform can boost your business and improve the attendee experience.

– We believe we have entered a new era, where a new digital event economy is evolving. The event sector is changing, and its changing for good. This new era brings a lot of new opportunities, and we like to share how you can take advantage of it, says Viktor Strömberg, COO at Lansera.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What the new digital event economy entails and how you can benefit from it
  • How to conduct and arrange profitable hybrid and digital events, learning from user case studies
  • How the Lansera Virtual Events platform can work in your portfolio
  • How the Lansera partner program works

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