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Climate Change Conference and Current Business Trends

The issue of climate change is the priority for world leaders. They have currently joined hands at Glasgow Climate Change Conference 2021. According to a global survey of business executives, 80% of chairs are notably concerned about environmental changes. This brings us to the question; Are businesses around the world ready to take action towards climate change? Which business trends can help save the planet from drastic climate changes? 

Businesses worldwide need to transform their strategies and practices to minimize their impact on the environment. The climate shift will bring in extreme weather conditions like floods, hurricanes, and fires without immediate action. Which, as a result, affects 70% of the world’s economy. Clearly, the world is unprepared to deal with such catastrophic climate shifts. Therefore, considering the need of the hour, businesses need to transform their business to become sustainable.

The Glasgow Climate Change Conference – 2021

The Glasgow climate change conference is the world’s 26th United Nations conference. It is taking place in Scotland, the United Kingdom, under the supervision of Alok Sharma. A total of 30,000 environmental activists, heads of state, business leaders, and journalists are attending the climate conference. Ironically, we are waging war against climate change, yet we are ignorant of the factors that contribute to environmental issues. Why are we ignorant of the environmental and economic impacts of physical events? 

In this new era, business leaders must set an example to make a difference. Therefore, we need to ask the obvious question; Why is the Climate Change Conference not held as a digital event?

Business Needs to Take a Stand and Choose Sustainable Options

Now, we can adopt digital technological advancements and transform the business from physical to digital. Thus, we can make a difference on a global scale and meet the goals of the climate conference. So, to save the earth from environmental impacts, we propose holding a conference online instead of physically. Digital conferences and meetings can easily replace physical meetings. Let’s check how:

  • With people commuting to the conference location, many modes of transportations are used, contributing to air pollution. 
  • A physical event entails accommodation, venue locations, and venue rental costs and increases travel consumption. 
  • Virtual events are pollution-free, beneficial for all purposes, enable everyone to participate from wherever in the world, and open global opportunities for businesses.

However, we still wonder why companies are taking so long to go digital. To save our planet, we need to take significant measures at each step. For instance, Swedish companies are now cutting down on their business travel to help save the environment. This is a great example of how businesses can transform to become more sustainable. Also, we can’t go back to our old ways of physical meetings and conferences and all its traveling. To save our planet, we need to accelerate the transition to more sustainable options. Ultimately, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that most businesses can continue doing business worldwide, but with meetings in the digital space. So, check out this ultimate guide to hosting virtual events.

Without a doubt, hosting digital and virtual events is the way to save the planet from immense environmental damages. So, let’s explore how virtual events can benefit the overall climate of the earth.  

How Digital Events Help Save the Planet

Firstly, it is important to understand that physical events are not suitable for the environment. For instance, the paper or material waste, pollution through transportation, venue rental costs, physical footprints, and physical events are mistaken. Moreover, when considering global climate change, we should set exemplary conduct with our online conferences. Indeed, the Glasgow climate change conference should have been held online in light of the pandemic and climate change. The debate now stresses the importance of going digital to help save the planet. 

Hosting corporate events online is a sensible move to advance the corporate industry and not affect the environment selfishly. Accordingly, new business trends are on the rise and contribute to a safe environment on the whole.

Hosting Virtual Events to Limit Climate Change

Virtual events have come to our rescue. It’s a shame businesses still host their events and gather hundreds of people at a physical location. Ultimately, the shift to virtual events can be beneficial for companies and the environment. Surprisingly, some organizations are actively working on cutting their industrial emissions to improve air quality. The plus point is that virtual events help reduce climate change and prove beneficial for the corporate sector. Further, with eCommerce in practice, many of the businesses have already put behind traditional methods of doing business. 

Likewise, when organizations move their dealings online, they host a global audience with a reduced carbon footprint. They get to save on the material goods disposed of and resulting toxic gases released into the air. According to researchers, PM2.5 air pollution occurs mainly because of industrial emissions and transportation exhausts. However, with virtual events in practice, we can get hold of one of these factors entirely. On the whole, the situation is improving with climate change goals raised in the Glasgow conference by encouraging online interactions. 

Let us now check how the latest business trends prove effective in the years to come. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

With physical events put behind us, businesses prefer to operate online, hire remote individuals, and host online business events. In this way, businesses can make amends for the harm done and reconcile with the world. 

Additionally, taking over the digital world would be a win-win in the years to come. The rise in online education has encouraged businesses to go virtual and continue their business practices with ease. People now join the virtual conference from the comfort of their homes. Surprisingly a single virtual event helps reduce the carbon footprints from electricity, transport, gas, fuel, and material goods waste. Moreover, it helps businesses efficiently manage thousands of attendees online compared to a physical location that is overcrowded. 

Reduced Material Wastes

Virtual events help save on material goods waste. Like, all your dealings and interactions are held online in digital chat rooms with digital content. For instance, virtual events allow you to customize the event. Nowadays, businesses create fully branded events with halls, lobbies and booths displaying their company culture. You do not need papers, documents, equipment, stationery and tools to set up the event. Instead, everything is happening online-digitally at your computer screens. 

Immersive Digital Technology

Digital technology has reduced manual efforts. It is cost-effective and beneficial for corporate, educational, medical and health sectors worldwide. Similarly, digital technology has helped build trustable software that supports entire businesses when we speak of virtual events. Here’s a list of immersive digital features virtual events put forth;

  • 3D virtual environment 
  • Customization features and integrations
  • Virtual exhibit halls 
  • Live chat and networking
  • Live and recorded webinars
  • Real-time analytics reports

Environment-Friendly Events Platforms

Virtual events platforms are the ideal digital solution for businesses worldwide. It is environment friendly and highly supportive. For instance, you can set up and host an entire business conference, summit, or meeting online. In short, it helps you save on travelling, accommodation, venue and food costs. A world where everything is online with a reduced carbon footprint becomes a healthier place to live. Thus, virtual events are the ultimate solution to help save climate change. 

In Conclusion

Climate change leaves a global impact on businesses worldwide. Therefore, corporations are encouraged to take steps towards saving the environment and our planet from climate change. The Glasgow climate change conference emphasizes the importance of reducing carbon footprints and creating a breathable atmosphere. Here, corporations play a political, cultural and environmental role by turning their focus to digital events. Following virtual events, practices would dial down the hazards of global warming and encourage the world towards restoring nature. The Lansera virtual events platform is one such organization that is encouraging businesses to go digital. It is the only way to save our planet and takes up the mission of saving the environment.

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