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What is a Virtual Office and How Does it Work?

Recently, new Covid variants have emerged around the world. Accordingly, many businesses are moving their activities online. It offers a safer environment to carry out business processes. Similarly, the current pandemic caused most enterprises and small companies to transform into a hybrid work model. Employees started working either from home or alternately at the office space. But, the advancements in digital, virtual and augmented reality have enabled us to move our offices in a virtually connected world. That’s right! The virtual office is the way to go.

Rightly so, businesses now realize the need to set up their own digital offices. Generally, a virtual space allows you to conduct office-related activities without administrative staff. For instance, the workflow is a lot simpler compared to a physical office setting. Using virtual event platforms, organizations ease their business processes. Now let’s talk about something you can’t miss.

The Need for a Virtual Office Space

Recently, it is observed that most businesses wish to gather their employees online. Most importantly, companies; 

  • Aim to globalize their reach and onboard international professionals
  • Wish to operate the entire business in a virtual environment
  • Need to cut down on expenses for physical office space, maintenance, and employee accommodation
  • Plan on conducting official meetings and conferences online
  • Look for ways to help employees work remotely
  • Wish to perform work activities in a safer environment
  • Turn your business into a hybrid model 

Whatever is your reason to move to a virtual office, 2022 highly appreciates your call. It is clear that virtual reality will continue to grow in the coming years. So, let’s explore virtual offices and why businesses need them.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a service enabling business owners and employee base to operate online. In particular, remote teams access the office using an uninterrupted internet connection. Accordingly, employees get to work from home without the need to travel to an office location. Here, you get to create a personalized digital office to showcase company culture and brand. As a result, virtual meetings, conferences, and workshops are held globally without having to gather industry professionals in a physical office space.

So, if you are a startup or a small business, then moving official activities online is most suitable for you. For sure, a virtual workspace is the best choice for businesses of any size. In particular, it offers you a global recognition in the marketplace. Also, helps you onboard the best international resources. As a result, it helps drive growth for your business.

Common Characteristics of Virtual Office

Digital technology, 3D environment, and virtual software allow us to replicate the physical office environment with virtual elements. Let us explore in detail; 

  • Physical Office Replication

    • Virtual business address
    • Official mail portal 
    • On-site receptionist 
    • Meeting rooms
    • Conference halls
    • Company representative avatars
    • Physical office space replicas
    • Halls, lobbies, and exhibition booths
  • Virtual Elements

    • Feature enriched 3D space
    • Video vault 
    • Documentation portals
    • Live content sharing 
    • Audio/video conferencing 
    • Business contact number
    • Digital mail service
    • Remote receptionist
    • Executive rooms 

How Does a Virtual Office Work?

A virtual office is a co-working space for a single organization. The online workstation is easily accessible to employees operating from different parts of the world. Formally, our virtual workspace offers all the elements of an office. We benefit most from virtual software, from creating the replica of the building to hosting meetings in virtual meeting rooms. 

So, if you are a startup or a small business, then moving official activities online is most suitable for you. Undoubtedly, a virtual workspace is the best choice for businesses of any size. For instance, it offers global recognition in the marketplace and helps you onboard the best international resources. On the whole, it helps drive growth for your business. 

However, it is essential to consider how virtual offices work.

  • Finding a Suitable Virtual Platform

    The first step to setting up a virtual office is to partner with a suitable virtual platform. Then, considering your budget and business needs, look for a company that offers affordable online workspace services. For instance, the platforms with in-depth knowledge of the business world would understand your requirements and accommodate accordingly. 

    Consider the following checklist when moving your business to a virtual office.

    Virtual Platform Services

    • Co-working space
    • Managed offices 
    • 24/7 customer support 
    • Workshop units 
    • Visually rich 3D environment 
    • 24/7 office accessibility 
    • Video conferencing tools 
    • Recruitment support
    • Affordable services 
    • Meeting rooms
    • Business postal address 
    • Administrative management
    • Tools and tech support 
    • Chat and networking options 
    • Analytic records 

    Choose a platform that offers the services listed above. Apart from that, dealing on a contract basis is advised when planning on a long-term virtual business model.

  • Personalized Virtual Office Setup

    Next comes the part where company owners and employees need to set up a virtual office. Formally, a virtual team guides you through the process; Nonetheless, it is important to have a prior understanding of the procedure.

    Customize the Workspace

    Firstly, it is important to custom design the virtual office. You can set up a personalized virtual space representing the company culture. For instance, create realistic 3D designs of the office with complete branding. Also, you can transform lobbies and meeting rooms into a modern workspace. Moreover, you can support live interactions through audio/video conferencing. As a whole, it offers a lively office environment to your workforce and ensures their loyal interests in the job. 

    Availability of Gadgets 

    When working from home, your employees would need a laptop device. Also, an uninterrupted internet connection is required to streamline routine official activities, communications, and dealings. Upon hiring the resources, make sure they can easily work under a hybrid or virtual workspace model. For instance, each employee should own a laptop device, keyboard, mouse, or internet 4G device. If the workforce has to travel, they may operate from anywhere in the world. Most companies care for the gadget availability of their employees. Likewise, they ensure the accessibility of advanced tools and tech for their staff.

  • Virtual Business Communication Systems

    In the traditional means of communication, one had to use telephone devices, email services, or in-person meetings to discuss important matters. Here, the matter of time and space comes into play. With modern technology, the traditional methods of communications are discarded. Now, virtual communications are faster and more efficient. For instance, a zoom meeting connects you with remote teams in a matter of seconds. On the top, the video conferencing feature enables us to engage with global industry professionals with no need to travel.

    Chat and Networking

    A virtual workplace is a user-friendly platform for remote workers. They get to network on a regular basis. On the top, the features of virtual workspace enhance the networking experience for people. For instance, there’s;

    • Embedded live chat within the meeting rooms and conference halls
    • Group and private chat options for remote teams
    • Meeting scheduler option for 1:1 or group session
    • Breakout rooms to conduct official activities
    • Profile search options to connect individually 
    • Audio/Video conferencing options

    Employee Engagement Activities

    • Live Q&A sessions
    • Gamification with incentives 
    • Official meeting and event alerts 
    • Push notifications 
    • Live polling options 
    • Routine recreational activities
    • Business meetings
    • Annual conferences

    Thus, there are numerous ways a virtual office allows its members to network and engage regularly. 

  • Executive Meetings and Annual Conferences

    A virtual events platform allows businesses to conduct their official meetings and conferences within the virtual office. Furthermore, virtual meeting rooms and halls allow large gatherings of the employee, industry peers, or remote teams. Fortunately, the feature-enriched platform supports virtual events at their best. 

    Your organization can host virtual trade shows, exhibitions, product launches, summits, networking fairs, or conferences. However, before you proceed with online events through your virtual office, take advantage of the following features of the virtual events platform. 

    • Event builder tools
    • Event sponsorship 
    • Customization options 
    • Multiple application integration
    • Interactive webinar experience
    • Virtual exhibition halls 
    • Display of product and services 
    • Virtual event marketing 
    • Event analytics report
    • 24/7support team

    Thus, hosting your big events online is how you make the most out of your virtual office space. 

  • Hybrid Workspace Model

    Turning a virtual office into a hybrid work model is the smartest way to go about it. Onboarding a global remote team online as well as operating from an on-site office would benefit businesses the most. Basically, a hybrid work model enables employees to sit back at home and easily sign in at the office. Of course, they may as well show up at the physical office location. It offers flexibility and makes remote work easier. 

    A hybrid office allows employees to choose a suitable work schedule from the available options. Moreover, they can be at home and attend the meeting electronically. Here, video conferencing supports face-to-face interactions, making it a wholesome experience for everyone involved.

To Summarize 

Undoubtedly, virtual offices increase business productivity for organizations. There is no need to pay rent or purchase permanent office space. Instead, business owners, employees, and remote teams can interact with each other online at a common virtual workplace. Employees can sign in to the network and perform their duties with an easy login system. Lansera-Virtual events platform acts as your very own virtual office. Starting today, get yourself a personalized virtual office space, and streamline business operations! 

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