importance of virtual open days

Why do Universities Need to Host a Virtual Open Day?

The importance of virtual open days is now widely recognized worldwide. We blame the pandemic for changing the dynamics of the education sector. Therefore, universities now benefit from the online open day platforms. It is a smart approach to get prospective students to learn about your university and the courses. In fact, it’s an open window towards campus life, the faculty, university facilities and student co-curricular societies. Online open days are a good opportunity for the students and are valuable for colleges and universities.

The university open day software helps bridge the gap between the university/college and the students. With the decrease in the physical gathering of people, students seem to have disconnected from the educational institutes. Therefore, virtual open days are the right solution to connect with global prospective students.

Let’s explore what virtual open days really are:

What are Virtual Open Days?

Virtual open days are open houses held online for students and parents worldwide. Prospective students access this event who otherwise could not come to the university. At the top, it reduces the travelling and accommodation costs for students. Here, students can attend online information sessions, take virtual tours of campus, or talk to faculty in real-time.

The question remains, what is the importance of virtual open days for universities and colleges worldwide. So, let’s explore all the good reasons why universities need to host virtual open days.

Get Global Admission Applicants Onboard

Ever wonder why educational institutes host their open days or open houses online? It is because they have learned the deal to get maximum revenue out of virtual events. Global attention helps your institute stand out. You can attract global prospective candidates to your university. In fact, the more informative the open day is, the more applications you will receive. We suggest that informative webinar sessions may be live or recorded- prove helpful. You can encourage the parents or guardians to choose what is best for their children.

Do not forget that this is the biggest turn for your company; you are now opening the opportunity for a global student base to enter the event. With a virtual presence, you have removed the barriers for prospective remote applications. So, be ready to receive double the number of students. Indeed, this will forever change the course of your dealings. Hence, the immense number of perks will reveal the importance of virtual open days to you.

Engage Students in Immersive Virtual Environment 

The best thing about virtual open days is their immersive features. The 3D designs, auditoriums, exhibit halls and lobbies hook students till the end. The exhibit booths around halls display university culture, with standees and company representative avatars. Moreover, customization is possible across the entire event with self-selecting diverse and dynamic avatars. Also, you can install help desks at the event at each corner to help students navigate through the virtual space. In fact, your entire virtual venue can be a truly representative model of your actual university.

Thus a virtual open day is considered important for universities and colleges worldwide as they get to host global prospective applicants and parents in a safe virtual environment. These mentioned immersive features are what benefit educational institutes the most.

Present All the Available Courses

Considering the gravity of the situation, we know how pandemic has turned hopes down for students worldwide. Remote students are not able to visit their ideal universities or apply for the courses. Therefore, there was a need to go online and help students continue their studies. So, a university open day is a great chance for universities worldwide to showcase the courses they offer and accept applications from across the globe.

Students can opt for their desired courses and subjects and choose the right faculty for themselves. Moreover, virtual open days host interactive information sessions where students inquire about different courses, their duration, the schedules and concerning faculties. Also, it gives a chance to parents to engage in Q&A sessions.

Immerse Students in an Engaging Virtual Open Day

Do you know what is that one approach to make your audiences stick to the event platform? The interactive and engaging features help attendees connect with the faculty, organizers, and alumni students. All their reservations are attended right at the virtual exhibit booths or webinar rooms. In fact, the chat and networking features add value to the overall event. For example, students can engage in live audio/video conferencing with concerned faculty or administration. Moreover, these chat options help students build connections with each other or the alumni to further assist their educational careers.

Also, multiple attendees can engage in a group discussion on a certain topic or subject under the supervision of professors. Further, they can engage in 1:1 audio or video chats. Additionally, meeting schedules are available at the booths to connect with busy faculty members. Likewise, the organizers can request meetings with students.

Enjoy Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient Approach

We all know that running open houses or open days for students can get expensive. From the event staffing to resourcing, there is a considerable amount of time invested. You waste so much time organizing the event at a physical venue with a virtual open day. Also, you spend days long time pulling off a successful event, and it is all reduced to a matter of weeks. Also, your students can relax before the event, knowing that they will access everything just with some clicks, right from the comfort of their couch.

Not just that, with virtual open days universities, get to save on the expenses of traveling, accommodation, food and venue. Of course, we are not implying that virtual open day would be cheaper but suggesting how it would help you save on most expenses. However, if you dream of a successful virtual event, virtual open days are the best option. Most importantly, ensure that you partner with a platform that listens to and implements all your instructions.

Design a Complete Virtual Tour of the Campus Building

Indeed, the virtual tour of the campus is considered the most important. You can get an elaborate video of the entire campus, its surroundings, and commute options. A pre-recorded virtual tour with audio/visual aids is ideal for students to follow right at the spot. This is highly effective to attract students and guardians to your campus life. The immersive virtual event features would enable you to easily showcase your campus building to the students with just a click. They would be given a formal tour of the entire building, from the cafeteria to dorms. During an informative session, you can assist students with commute options and transportation facilities to their hostels or dorms.

Your campus tour should also showcase the insides of the buildings with all the furnishings, classrooms and halls displays. This way, the students can better relate to the campus and picture themselves in the building. Additionally, you can take the interested sports students on a tour of the grounds, pitch, and courts.

Considering the importance of virtual open days, many universities set up graduate and postgraduate open days for aspiring applicants across the globe.

In Conclusion

Universities and colleges need to go virtual. Create engaging and interactive virtual open days to hunt the maximum number of your prospective students. Once you have set up the event and promoted it to a global audience, it’s all good news! Universities worldwide now host their open days and open houses online to welcome global applications amid the pandemic. It benefits the educational institutes and the students who would give anything to avail the chance to study online or on-campus. Lansera Virtual Events Platform welcomes universities from all over the world to host their virtual open days at a feature-enriched platform.

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